Trau·ma  Junk· ie  ( 'trau-m&  'j&[ng]-kE) n. Slang
  1. One who has an insatiable interest, devotion or addiction to responding and assisting people with serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident.

Sound Advice

This was given to me this afternoon by one of my clinical instructors. Seeing as how he has been an RT almost 40 years and is one of the smartest people I know, I figured it was worth sharing. Here are his keys to success:

1. Be honest in money matters. Real success will never come to a dishonest person who has compromised himself.

2. Work harder than you are required to do. A successful leader will always do a little more work than he is paid to do. An underachiever will always do a little less. The difference in effort is small. The difference in success will be great.

3. Make up your mind to accomplish your goals. Determination is undoubtedly the most important characteristic of a successful person. Visual the successful end results of your efforts before you start. Write down specific goals. Don't take your eyes off of them.

4. Be positive -- not negative. Approach all things with enthusiasm. Being positive is an attitude. You can decide. It is a conscious state of mind.

5. Dress yourself a little better than the occasion calls for. You'll receive better attention, acceptance, and a response wherever you go. You'll be much more influential if people think you care about yourself and take yourself seriously. If in doubt, overdress.

6. Take special pride in your personal experience, home, and automobile. It's more important than ever to project a clean, organized image to others.

7. Make those who report to you feel successful and good about themselves. Be generous and compassionate with those individuals. You'll achieve tremendous success if you make those who report to you feel successful. It will also give you greater influence.

8. Keep on good terms with all business associates, neighbors, and family. It takes two uncommitted people to be enemies or adversaries. Don't participate. Life is too short. Keep the harmony. Do more than your part in your relationships.

9. Be eager to please your customers (patients), your employees, your co-workers, and your boss. You must be eager to please.

10. Don't burden yourself with debt. Do without.

11. Enjoy yourself. Get a hobby. Laugh some, especially at yourself.

Sometimes, if we are deficient in even one of these areas, we suffer as if we failed them all.

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