Trau·ma  Junk· ie  ( 'trau-m&  'j&[ng]-kE) n. Slang
  1. One who has an insatiable interest, devotion or addiction to responding and assisting people with serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident.

Added to the Blogroll

A couple of recent editions to the Blogroll--

  • Medic 7 For those of you that don't know Medic 7, he is actually a lot like my good friend Epijunky. M7 shares a passion for what he does that rivals most people. He's sharp, caring, and at times pretty witty. If you don't follow his blog, I'd definitely consider adding it to your "must read daily" list. I have.
  • Fat Fireman JS is a good friend of mine. He's a firefighter and EMT from up north who has a lot good posts to read. From his bio, hobbies include shooting and SCUBA diving. What's cooler than that???
Stop by their blogs and give a shoutout when you have time.

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