Trau·ma  Junk· ie  ( 'trau-m&  'j&[ng]-kE) n. Slang
  1. One who has an insatiable interest, devotion or addiction to responding and assisting people with serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident.

I've been chosen...

I don't know why they call these things Memes. They remind me a lot of those forward bulletins on Myspace, but you pass them around the Blogosphere instead. The Anonymous Therapist over Respiratory Therapy 101: Just Keep Breathing has passed it on to me.

Here are the rules:

Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences. The CLOSEST BOOK, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, OR MOST INTELLECTUAL!
In my living room, I have a huge table that is cluttered with my laptop, school books, binders, notebooks, index cards, my stethoscope, and medical scissors. When I turn to page 56 of the closest book, here is what I find:

As you can again see, functionally the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions are opposing. Simulating one autonomic division may increase the activity of an organ, and stimulation of the other division may inhibit the activity. Drug activity can disrupt the balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic activity. For example, sympathetic influences on the heart cause increased force of contraction and heart rate, and parasympathetic influences result in bradycardia and decrease in contractile force.
-- Bruce J. Colbert, MS, RRT and Barb J. Kennedy, Pharm.D., from Integrated Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology, 2nd ed.

Now I guess it is my turn to pass it on to five other bloggers. Hmmm...

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Well, that's it. Keep it going.

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