Trau·ma  Junk· ie  ( 'trau-m&  'j&[ng]-kE) n. Slang
  1. One who has an insatiable interest, devotion or addiction to responding and assisting people with serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident.

I'm Going to Drop Off the Face of the Earth...

...for a few days, that is. :-)

I have my first test in Fundamentals I on Thursday and I'm going to be hitting the books very hard for the next couple of days.

So, no blogs until after my test; Just thought I'd let everyone know. But feel free to check out some of my older entries if you'd like. I'll let everyone know how the test goes on Thursday.

P.S. If you have the time, feel free to vote for my blog on BlogTopList. Simply click the small "Vote for Me" icon under the Google custom search box just above this post. I'm still trying to gain a bit more traffic for my blog, and I believe this will help.

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