Trau·ma  Junk· ie  ( 'trau-m&  'j&[ng]-kE) n. Slang
  1. One who has an insatiable interest, devotion or addiction to responding and assisting people with serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident.

Medical Quackery

From time to time, I like to search for medical humor sites. Most of the time, the sites I find aren't very funny. But I did find one today that I would like to share: Antique Medical Quackery. Let me highlight some of my favorites here, and I'll leave the rest of the reading up to you guys.

  • Do you have a blood disorder or are you experiencing constipation? Just try one of Dr. Scott's electric hair brushes. He tried to convince the general public that his brushes would cure this and other outlandish things such as hair loss and paralysis. He also noted that the brush must be used over and over by the same person, and that if two people were to use the same brush, it would lose its "power."
  • Long before lasik eye surgery which really does correct poor vision in most cases, it was believed that an "eye massager" could do the trick. It was made of ivory, shaped like an eye. Attached to the artificial eye was a stick that was connected to a ball which one would hold in the palm of their hand. The consumer would massage their eye regularly and supposedly have good vision again. The company offered a $10, 000 reward (or wager) to any doctor who could take on the same number of cases and do them as much benefit as the eye massager. Man, I wish I was a doctor back then.
  • And why not get a "Radio Disease Killer?" It is a black box with dials and a speaker. Find the right frequency and you're cured of any disease. It doesn't get much better than that.
My, how we've come along way since those days...

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