Trau·ma  Junk· ie  ( 'trau-m&  'j&[ng]-kE) n. Slang
  1. One who has an insatiable interest, devotion or addiction to responding and assisting people with serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident.

Humorous Things...Because I'm Bored

Just some funny stuff I found while surfing the internet today:

You Know You're A Respiratory Therapist When...

- "clubbing" no longer refers to the hitting up of the bar scene downtown

- You call someone "SOB" and are NOT calling them a son of a...you know.

- You look at bigger people with no necks and think, "man, they'd be a difficult intubation"

- SpO2, MDI, SOBOE, DPI, AECOPD, IPPA, FiO2 and R/A all mean something to you

- You measure the amount someone smokes in pack years

- You can hear the phrase "bronchial toilet" and not laugh

- You know the alveolar air equation backwards and forwards, in your sleep

- You know that the "breathing tube" doesn't actually go down the "throat" per se

- "pink and frothy" no longer describes that strawberry shake you had for lunch

- "blue bloater/pink puffer" means something to you

- You can measure someone's RR just by walking by the patient

- You've been shot by an uncovered trach

- You know there's an "H", a "G" and no "F" in phlegm

- You call it a "ventilator", not a "respirator"

- You measure things by color, consistency and smell

- You know "BiPAP" doesn't involve a smear

- A/C no longer stands for "air-conditioning"

- You find yourself breathing with the same force/technique/frequency as the patient when doing things like spirometry and puffer teachings. You are then as out of breath as the patient.

- You can guess a saturation pretty accurately just from looking at the blood

- You never underestimate the importance of nurses, and keeping them happy at all times

- You discover that sedation can be your best friend, and your worst enemy

- You realize a jaw thrust is not something that happens in a bar fight; and a chin lift doesn't only happen during plastic surgery

- PEEP has a meaning other than a sound made by a chicken

- You are happiest when newborns are crying(at birth)

- Your long, tiring day of missed lunchs/breaks is made complete when a patient gives you a unexpected 'thank you'

- You start to think you've forgotten what normal breath sounds sound like

- You have auscultated your significant other

- You count chocolates as a meal, and ALWAYS welcome them into the department

- You know and fully understand the dangers of an uncovered trach, and avoid standing directly in front of one at all costs

- You would rather intubate yourself than do equipment change

- Your Lego skills as a kid some into play when trying to hook up two things that don't want to go together

-You take the best care of any patient

This song and lyrics are at the bottom of my page but I thought I'd post them in a blog entry. I found the video on a fellow RT student's blog.

The lyrics are courtesy of "Dr. BOI" himself, who kindly shared them with me on YouTube. It was a project done as part of a Doctorate in Physical Therapy program:

Feel it flow
Dr. BOI told ya
I got this new bronchiodilator for ya (Feel it flow)
Ya gotta take it, two puffs three times a day

Asthma lives inside my bro
watch me ease it watch me roll
watch me ease that asthma yo
then dilate that bronchiole
feel it flow (dilate that bronchiole)
then dilate that bronchiole
feel it flow (dilate that bronchiole)
then dilate that bronchiole
feel it flow (dilate that bronchiole)

Verse 1:
Asthma all up in my bro
make him wheeze, make him cough
watch it spasm, building phlegm
Then watch him hold his chest up top
Bronchioles you watch 'em shrink
shrinking from the spasms man
when I get that bronchiole
I build up mucous and do my dance
(now you)
I'm shrinking on your lung tube
and when you get to fighting
I'll leave edema in your lung tube
you catch me at your local party
yes I shrink it everyday
people get mad cause
I'll be trippin' their airway

Verse 2:
I'm fixing up bronchioles
I'm so adrenergic
I will act like epinephrine
and bind to a beta 2
Asthma wants to beat me
Dr. Boi i'm the man
I calm smooth muscle
Saying sympathomimemtic
watch me do it, watch me do it
Dance, dance
lets get to it, lets get to it
nope, you can't do it like me
act like epinephrine like me
or norepinephrine
man that asthma ugly

Aim to calm that smooth muscle
watch me 'lax that bronchial
watch me 'lax that lung tube all
and get rid of that asthma (x10)
Aim to breathe up in this lung
watch me stim-ulate
watch my adrenergic work
super man that air flow (x6)


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