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This past Thursday, my wife and I went to Crüe Fest in Dallas, which was about a 2 hour drive from where we live, and well worth it. IT TOTALLY ROCKED!!! Seriously, I feel like I'm still pretty pumped from the show and I can't wait to see it next year.

The lineup featured Trapt, Sixx A.M., Papa Roach, Buckcherry, and M
ötley Crüe (one of the greatest hair bands of all time!), respectively. I'd definitely say that Papa Roach and Crüe stole the entire show-- and I don't know that there is anyone who wouldn't agree with me. Here's a little breakdown:

Trapt: They put on a pretty good show. I wasn't familiar with many of their songs, but everyone was rockin' pretty hard to "Headstrong," which is actually one of the few songs I recognized. I give them props because it was about 100 degrees and the concert was outdoors, but maybe it's just the fact that I'm not a fan...I just don't think they did awesome or anything.

Sixx A.M.: My wife has been a long-time fan of Crüe by way of her dad, so of course she introduced me to them and Sixx A.M. For those of your who haven't read Heroin Diaries, I'd recommend it since it makes Nikki Sixx's comeback even that much more amazing (and I've only thumbed through the first 30-40 pages). They played a good set. Nikki was great on bass. They played my favorite, "Life is Beautiful" at the very end and despite the 100 degree heat, this was the first time I stood up in the concert. I thought it wouldn't sound so great live, but they totally pulled it off. They kept saying how they never planned to play in concert, but the fans convinced them to, and that was pretty cool. Enjoyed them very much.

Papa Roach: The first song they played was "Getting Away With Murder" and it pumped up the crowd for their entire set. Roach is one of those bands that just sounds badass when they play live, no doubt about it. My wife and I were drenched in sweat both starting to get sun burned as they came on, but that didn't even matter. They played other songs like, "Scars," "Broken Home," and "Last Resort," which of course was their last song. All in all, it was about an hour long set, twice as long as the other two bands before them and I didn't want it to end. Everyone was jumping and throwing their hands in the air, and for some reason a group of people were hitting a beach ball. There were about 3 different mosh pits and a huge one on the other side of the lawn from us. At one point, Jacoby (the lead singer) jumped into one of them and started moshing. That was awesome. lol. I'd love to see them tour on their own.

Buckcherry: I'm a fan of them, but there were 3 things that made their set suck horribly: 1.) They followed Papa Roach after everyone was mad because they didn't give an encore, 2.) They played right before M
ötley Crüe and I was just so ready to hear Crüe play that it almost wouldn't have mattered if Elvis came out of his grave and was playing, 3.) They just don't sound great live...at all. When I hear them on the radio or on CD they sound pretty good, especially songs like "Crazy Bitch," but in person, you can't hear a damn word they say and it seems like the guitar and drums are competing to see who is the loudest. I definitely wouldn't go see Buckcherry by themselves even if I had the chance. I don't mean to sound harsh, but everyone around us seemed to agree--buy the CD.

ötley Crüe: Let me just start by saying that words cannot do justice to their set, so everything I say should be multiplied by about 100. lol. They played about 2 hours and I could have stayed all night if they kept going. Tommy Lee did a moment of silence and a tribute for "Dimebag" Darryl of Pantera, and it was drop-dead silent in the arena for 5 seconds, which was pretty amazing. Their lineup included stuff from the new album, Saints of Los Angeles ("This Ain't a Love Song," "MF of the Year," and "Saints of Los Angeles," to name a few), and a bunch of their old stuff like "Dr. Feelgood," "Girls, Girls, Girls," and "Shout at the Devil." TOTALLY BLEW THE TOP OFF THE ENTIRE SHOW!!! If this makes any sense, you know how the last song played during a set usually is drawn out and has all the special F/X and tries to outdo all of the others so you can tell when the set it going to end? Well, every single song that Crüe played was like that. I never could tell when it was going to end. After they did the last song, everyone started shouting "Crüe, Crüe, Crüe" so they came back and did, "Home Sweet Home," which was wonderful. None of the other bands had anything on Mötley Crüe.

So here's the summary:

2 CRÜE FEST T-Shirts: $80
2 Lawn Tickets: $80
1/4 pizza, 2 bottled waters, and a cheesburger: $28
Seeing M
ötley Crüe live for the first time: Priceless

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